Zaxby's Nursery

Summertime craziness has kicked in!!! Garrett and I have so many plans and projects, I haven't had a minute to post anything! I traveled to Murray, KY to visit my very best friend on Wednesday to help her redo her bedroom! We loved how it turned out! Stay tuned for the photos!

In the meantime, I wanted to post a picture of another nursery I've been working on! Themed rooms are OUT, however I wanted to do an UNDERSTATED circus themed room! The reason themed rooms aren't working anymore is because...

1) They don't work as the child ages, making you want to redo the room by the time they are 2 or 3!

2) They are to matchy matchy.  It is much more design friendly to mix patterns, textures and styles! 

3) And Its what we did 10 years ago! :)

...But I am sure that you already knew all that! :)

Here is the design board for the Nursery!