Large Rooms can be Tricky!

We all love big rooms and big spaces! but when it comes to designing large areas it can be a little tricky! When I am designing a large space, I like to split the area up and create multiple intimate spaces.  Creating smaller spaces also helps the room to be more functional! I thought I would share a few tips with you that I like to use when designing big spaces.

Space planning can be especially tricky if you are not a visual person! Having the right type, height, style, size furniture is important in big spaces.  Because this can so tricky for people I thought I would share a few easy tips on how to break up your space successfully.

Area Rugs are your best friend! Using an area rug really helps to define an area. They help to anchor the furniture and create a space within a space.

This master bedroom is absolutely gorgeous! I’m loving the turquoise touches all over the room and also, the pair of mirrors. By the way, notice the two area rugs used in this room. We often see designers repeating the same rug in different places, you can have fun and use a different rug, as long they have the same hues.

Lighting! Two lamps on sofa table that floats behind a couch also help to separate the area. Floor lamps are also great, especially to help define a reading nook area. Even small ceiling lamps that hang over a seating area help to define the space.

Room Dividers... I rarely suggest these because I think that they completely shut off areas.  HOWEVER, in some cases they can work.  Temporarily we used a cube shelf from IKEA to help define an entryway in our house! Just be careful to not over junk these pieces because they become an eye sore!
Shutter room divider

Keep your furniture away from the walls! If you indeed have the room, it is best to have your furniture float in the middle of the room!  This will open up the corners, create more intimate conversation areas and even make your space look larger.
What a great mix of furniture, textures and color. Like the small table in middle of room.

Paint/Color! Another way to split up a room is to paint some of the walls a different color! Be sure the colors flow well together and limit your wall colors to 2! Consider stripes or your ceiling in a specific part of the room.  Also--just having furniture that is a different color helps to break up the space.
With the open floor plan, help define spaces w/ paint =)

Put some furniture on an angle! Sometimes large rooms can create the feeling of tunnel vision and begin to look like a bowling alley! :) To help avoid this, arrange a few pieces on an angle. Maybe a sofa or just a side chair.
Floor Show

There are so many possibilities! Even curtains, artwork and shelving help to divide an area!  When in doubt, consider just getting help with a space plan! 

One more picture I have to share! Would be hard to convince a client on this but isn't this space so different and unique! I love it!
Color punched white dining room from Avram Rusu