Charm for your Bathroom!

If you are like me, your bathroom is usually last on the list to decorate! I'd much rather work on our family room or dining room! But for a spot so vital in our lives the bath should offer charm and delight, not just plumbing fixtures! So here are a very ways to make your bathroom an enjoyable space!

Chairs & Stools!
If you've got the room, consider a chair! Its a great spot for your hubby to sit while you soak! :) If its upholstered, make sure it is a durable, washable cotton fabric! If you don't have the room (me! me!) consider a small bench! Even if you just use it to stack up some towels or put your tea and book on it while you soak, it will make your space much more homey!

Ditch that plain ole builders grade mirror and replace it up with a nice framed mirror! It'll help your bathroom to not feel as cold and sterile! Over sized mirrors can benefit by making your space feel larger. Also consider a wall of mirrors, not because we want to see ourselves at every angle :) but because it'll make your space feel twice as large!

Lighting is ultimately one of the most important elements in ANY space! Firm believer! So consider a pair of sconces to either side of the mirror rather than an over the mirror light... you'll like what you see much better! And we all know that an appropriate sided chandelier is great in a bath! If you have a vanity, table lamps work great in baths too! It'll help your home feel so much more lived in!

Visible Storage!
Instead of putting all your extra TP in a closet put it in a pretty basket in the corner! Also consider bowls for jewelry, tray for toiletries, glass jars for cotton balls and swabs, etc.

Keep your linens looking fresh!
When a towel is fraying and has bleach spots all over it, its time to go! Or no matter how many times you wash your bath mat, it just wont come clean...get a new one! Keep your shower curtain liner free of mold and hard water spots! Consider having a couple towels that you don't use and label as your display towels! That way they stay clean and free of stains!

Just like every other room, pictures are important in a bath! The key is to make your space feel just as personal as the rest of your house! Make sure you have the appropriate sizes...You'll probably think that you need too small of artwork. Always go bigger than you think!

I thought I would share with you some of my favorite bathrooms!

{I love the texture of the wallpaper! And the old world sconces!}

{Very realistic bathroom}

{Im sure this has a nice price tag on it! Love the sconces, and clean colors!}

love this bathroom

Love the bathroom!
{Not completely crazy about this color combo but I love the green piece and that they painted the ceiling!}

rustic bathroom {love}
{Very unique!}

Cool bathroom space.
{I am not a fan of all...but I do like this idea!}

love this bathroom!
{I wish! :) }

Have a great weekend!