Not your husbands nightstand!

It is so popular today to use unexpected items for day to day functions! I don't know about you but I absolutely have to have a functional nightstand! Its where I keep all of my maintenance products, my jewelry that I forget to take off before crawling into bed, a lamp and books for those nights that Garrett is at work and I play catch up! :) 

When most people are purchasing furniture for their bedroom they usually get two matching nightstands.  However if that is not your style, I wanted to share with you some other nightstand choices that will give your space a unique vibe! It can also save you on the dough! 

Drop Leaf Table!
Just because it isn't labeled "nightstand" doesnt mean it wont look great! A painted table is a great spacious nightstand option! And in this case, it brings an vintage vibe to the space! 

Vintage Suitcases!
If your lucky enough and have the time to search for them, vintage suitcases make adorable nightstands! In this case a mirror tops the stack which is a great idea because it finishes it off so nicely. Check out craigslist and eBay!

Chairs also work great for nightstands! Especially if you have a handy husband who can install a wall sconce for you! :)  I love that you can use your chair for the obvious reasons when your not in bed! To me, this makes the space feel so much more lived in and not forced/obvious design!
chair as nightstand

chair nightstand

To save on some floor space, consider a shelf to use as a nightstand! Very unique idea and very affordable! So Chic!
shelf as a nightstand

Chest of Drawers!
If you've got the room beside your bed, your chest of drawers works nicely also! It shaves on having to get an additional piece of furniture and gives you plenty of storage! I love how the nightstands don't match! Isnt this room so sweet with all the white bedding!? I love it!
beautiful dresser/nightstand


nightstand idea

Vintage Architectural items
Salvage yards and peddler malls have a ton of old architectural items that can give you a very unique nightstand! Try and look past its original condition and dont be afraid to take it home, paint it and rough it up! 

Nightstand idea

In our house, we use an old secretaries chair that we restained and reupholstered! 

Painted Stools with a glass top!
So Cheap! I think I just tossed on of these last week!
DIY end table or nightstand: glass or wood mounted onto a painted stool

My challenge to you in to find something in your house! Chances are you've got something you can use! Take away one of your matching nightstands and change it up with something different! If you have any other ideas, I'd love to hear about them!