Your wee little ones room!

For those of you who read my blog...  you already know how much I love designing nurseries! The opportunities are quite rare but when I get the chance my heart beats just a little faster! Whether you like a calming retreat or an inspiring colorful room for your little one, there are so so many fun ideas!  Designing a nursery here at OUR house is the ONLY reason I am ready for "all that!" In the meantime, Ill just stick to helping my clients. :)

One thing I tell my clients is to really focus in on what you what the nursery to be about.  It is easy to overwhelm a nursery (or any room!) with to many ideas! Focus on just a few things and make it really special! 

Another important bit of advice is to not limit yourself with to many age specific spaces.  You want to think about how your wee little one will grow and how you will (hopefully) still be able to use the space!  Think about the big pieces first and make those more translatable for when they grow!  Consider spending less money on a crib and getting a dresser that you can double as a changing table and remove later! Then you can bring lots of personality in the smaller items! 

Here are a few of my favorite!

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