Years ago I started compiling all of my favorite designs! It has really helped me to discover my own style! Whenever you see a room that inspires you cut it out and store it away! Once you have a collection, it is fun to look back! It is also easier to realize the patterns that you are drawn to!  You might not realize some of the things that reoccur in the your photos! I didn't realize how much I liked lime green until I looked back! 
If you are like me, your style is however constantly changing! Just remember the key is finding room that you can LIVE in and absolutely LOVE! Don't fall for room that make you think, "Yeah I kind of like this!" This is great to do before any design project! Run to your local half price books and buy a handful of magazines and rip em up! Remember that it doesn't just have to be rooms! Save other images you are drawn too such as art decor, accessories, stores, etc. I even have some hotel lobbies in my collection! 

Another Tip: Considering we are all on our iPhones more often than the kitchen table cutting up magazines, You can also just keep a photo folder on your phone of your favorite images. Browse on the decor pad app and save the images to your phone! 

Don't feel that you style has be pinned into one category!  The whole purpose is to find YOUR style NOT what style you fall under! 

My favorite interior design magazines:

House Beautiful!
Traditional Home
ELLE Decor
Interior Design

:) Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!!