I am a big fan of Design Star! Garrett and I love to watch and critque all the designs! Last night was the ultimate WHITE ROOM CHALLENGE.  For those of you who don't keep up with the show...the white room challenge consists of designing a space that is completely white, with one white couch and 2 white side tables. This year they were only allowed to shop at a Home & Garden Center.  I thought I would show you what went down on this episode and show you my favorite and least favorite designs!

Britany is shaping up to be one of my favorite designs this season.  I loved her creative light fixture, the graphic feel and the pop of red on the floor! Britany During White Room Challenge

Rachel is clearly one the best designers on the show! She has won the past two challenges! Vanilla Ice (a guest judge...yes, I'm serious!) said her room had "moves this Jagger!" I absolutely loved her artwork that she quickly painted... it looks like it took hours!
Rachel Kate During White Room Challenge

LUCA's Design
Poor Luca has struggled two weeks in a row! The judges say that he just "didn't design enough."  Just like most people, he bought furniture and put it in the room.  There was a lack of creativity. On the other hand, he did create a cool light fixture!!!
Luca Paganico

JORDAN's Design
Jordan didn't make it this week and got sent home! And I have to say I agreed with the judges.  David Bromstad challenged him to do more than "turn a table into a table." OUCH! I would bet Jordan finished before everyone else bc of the lack of projects his room had.  He didn't do much besides PAINT.