Stencils have Grown Up and Sophisticated!

Do you remember way back in the day when stencils were cool?  I remember people stenciling random patterns as a BORDER in a room? What were we thinking?!

  Well, things have changed!! Stencils are now all grown up and sophisticated! These days the goal is to make a wall appear to be wallpapered.

{ Stenciling is a great way to bring pattern in to a room affordably! This stencil design proves how fabulous they can look and how easily they can be mistaken for expensive wallpaper! }

stenciled bathroom ceiling
{ Don't forget about the ceilings! I love that they incorporated a stencil on the ceiling because it really shows off the height of the room! And LOVE that shower curtains, don't you?! }

People are also stenciling the floors, fabric, and furniture! The possibilities are endless! And they best thing about them is that they won't break your bank! 

Here are more of my favorite stencil projects! 

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