Kids Room Wallpaper!

Y'all already know Im a sucker for wallpaper!!! And I know most of you are probably scaredy cats however I just have to share you some of my favorites papers! Ive been doing some research for wallpaper for a kids room and wanted to share with you whats out there! 

If your one of those stuck on the "Ughh I took down so much wallpaper in our house and I'll never use it again!"-- Maybe some of these will convince you otherwise!

Remember it doesn't have to be labeled "Kids Wallpaper" to be appropriate for a kids room or nursery! Most search results for "Kids Wallpaper" results in primary colors.... : [

And keep in mind, when you are using wallpaper you can keep everything else streamline so the paper can be the star!

Cool boys paper is much harder to find than girls, especially because I am not a fan of themed rooms! However I found a few cute ones worth sharing!

boys room wallpaper

Vintage wallpaper for a boys room?

If your not into these you might consider paper that brings a textural aesthetic to the room! This will allow you to easily change out bedding and other decor as your child grows!

Awesome main wall wallpaper for the boys room!        
 Wallpaper--I have thought of gluing to a piece of canvas or even plywood and putting the boys names on it to hang over their bed or just stenciling the first letter of their names on it

boys room - grasscloth wallpaper  Boys room love wallpaper

Boys room // bunk beds // striped wallpaper

And for the girls.... :)

Nursery Wallpaper
I believe this paper is from Anthropologie! Can't wait 

nursery nook wallpaper
Nursery Notations: Wallpaper

nursery wallpaper

Great use of closet space in the nursery - beautiful tree wallpaper

And a few vintage inspired papers which are my FAVORITES...

Enjoy your weekend!