I have been in the mood to paint EVERYTHING! Paint isn't JUST for walls! I know that it can be very overwhelming when you walk into the paint section at Lowes or Home Depot!  The amount of color to choose from is daunting, even for myself!  However color paint is a great way to refresh your home and give each room character!

 I wanted to share with you guys more ways to incorporate PAINT into your home!  

1.  Fixing up the 5th wall!

The ceiling of your spaces is just as important as your 4 main walls! It can make a space feel calm by painting it a light neutral! Or it can make it feel cozy and dramatic by choosing a deep color!  If you don't want to make a huge statement considering finding the lightest shade of the color that is on your walls and use it for the ceiling!

paint the ceiling!

Paint the ceiling?

Paint the ceiling....

2. Bathroom Refresh!

You hear all the time that painting a small space a dark color only make it feel smaller!  Can I just say...MYTH!!! If you are tired of white or neutral walls in your bathroom consider a dark color like Benjamin Moores: Nightfall or Metropolis!

Some of my favorite Dark Bathrooms.....

dark beautiful bathroom

Dark bathroom

Dark blue bathroom

3. Paint your floors!

Okay, I can hear my husband saying now, "No way are we painting the floors?!" And I am sure yours would too! BUT if the space is right for it, it can make your space so much more sleek!  If it were a perfect world I would paint our basement floors a gray and white pattern! (Hmm..thats an idea!)  

As long as your PRIME and PAINT CORRECTLY, you can do it! Valspar has a great latex floor paint! Be sure to talk to a pro and find out what works best for your type of surface whether it be wood, concrete, vinyl, etc.  And always be sure to seal it with three thin coats of clear urethane!

4. Fix up Mirror frames!

This is such a quick way to make a nice update! And the nicest thing is all your need is spray paint and tape!  Maybe make an old mirror a colorful salmon or maybe a gaudy gold frame solid white! 

Paint a mirror         paint my gold mirror?!

5. Tables!

You see these everywhere! It is so easy to incorporate your accent color in your side tables! Consider painting the table white first before your accent color! Then buff it up so the white shows through! Or Maybe paint your dining room table an unexpected color! 

bold table paint

Pretty salmon coffee table

6. Cabinets!

Its a chore but my goodness, painting your kitchen cabinets is one of the biggest changes you can make!  AND they don't ALL have to be the same color! I've been loving the photos on pinterest with light mint cabinets! Maybe not the WHOLE kitchen but maybe an island or just the bottom cabinets light mint would be so cool! 

If that's not your style, consider using a glaze over white cabinets!  It adds an authenticity to the cabinets! There are TONS of options! In our kitchen, we painted the cabinets bright white but left off the top cabinets doors and painted the inside dark brown! We love how they turned out! See before and after below!

{That's Garrett working hard during the reno!:)}

paint my cabinets?

kitchen - mint green cabinets

Also consider:

Painting your doors and trim an unexpected color!
Painting your bookcases! OR just the back of them!
Spray Paint your old glassware so you can display it!
Paint your Lamps! Headboards! Stairs!