Throw Pillow Basics!

People ask me so often about pillows and how to arrange them! Here are a few quick tips on how to arrange and also how to pick out throw pillows!

1. Definitely shop around! All of your pillows can come from a variety of places! Some of my favorites are etsy, zgallerie ($$$, pier one and target! I love easy for patterned pillows and pier one for solids! Target pillows are great however they usually don't have a large variety and usually are not as vibrant enough for me! 

2.  Visit your local fabric store! Its not always easy finding the perfect pillows so when that happens get some fabric and get them custom made! If you don't sew just remember, Everyone knows SOMEONE who can! If not, ask the fabric store! On a second note-- stay away from regular ole cotton fabric! Instead look for home decor fabric! It is worth the extra dollars and looks much more professional! 

3. When you begin choosing pillows, START with one patterned pillow that you LOVE! Examine the colors that are in your pattern and decide what colors you want to pull from it! This will guide in the right direction on choosing the others! 

4. Vary your sizes!!! Larger pillows belong in the back and smaller ones in the front! 

5. Mix up the scale of patterns!  Pair up busy patterns with solid colors. Make sure the pillows don't compete with each other! Have ONE star and few background compliments! 

6. Careful with what your pillows are filled with!! The GUTS of the pillow is important! I am a huge fan of down because they fluff very well! However if you have allergenic folks or children be sure if it a decent synthetic that still fluffs well! 

7. Lastly, give your pillow a karate chop in the middle! For whatever reason--they'll look better! 

Layering 3 Different textured Pillows & arranging it in a 2-2-1 Ratio of 2 squares + 1 oblong/Rectangle.

 When in doubt, hire a designer for an hour! :)