Successful Chic!

If you are anything like me and your finding "shabby chic" to be a little too shabby and not so chic lately, I have a few bits of advice for you!  I think it is important to combine the soft comfort elements and the heavy items in order to make your room feel up to date! Mixing both rustic and metallic finishes, light and dark colors, new and old accessories and rough and soft fabrics. 

To me, these images are just that...TO SHABBY....

Too be sure your room doesn't end up "to shabby," follow these rules!

Bring in Texture
Think about some furniture that has a raw wood affect!

Bring in linen fabrics!
Whether it be your slipcovers, drapes or throw pillows. Linen fabrics are just a staple to shabby chic style! And they are fairly easy to find!

Mix in some fresh new patterns!
Mixing in some of the new popular patterns will keep your room up to date very easily! The rule is to find the pattern in a soft palette! An ikat or chevron pattern will work as long as they are soft in color! Tan, taupes, all shades of gray and even a very subtle blue works great!

Keep your walls light in color!!! 
Chances are the color you think is light enough, isn't, so go one shade lighter!

Get this out of your head: "These colors dont match exactly!"
Using different shades of a color is a good thing! It helps to add dimension! Embrace taupe and even subtle greens!

Mix old and new!
Somehow mixing modern and old pieces provides a balance! Maybe it is your modern appliances or your bathroom fixtures paired with rustic furniture or large baskets!

Matte Metallics!
I am a believer that every room should have something metallic and shiny in it! :)  However, with this style make sure your pieces are a matte metallic finish not a shiny polish!

Last thing I can think of: 
Keep botanical and floral pieces as simple as possible!
Try to keep them strictly green! In some cases, pinks can work! Use clear or metal vases and make them look as if you went out to your garden to get them!

Here are some of my favorite successful shabby chic rooms I can find!

shabby shabby chic?!