Must Haves for an Instantly Rustic Home!

My blog has been on the back burner these past couple of weeks! Things are busy!!! I am so thankful for my business and the progress its made in 2012.  Thank you to all of my clients for your business, support and referrals this past year! I am so excited for 2013!!!

Just for a QUICK post, I wanted to share with you a cool post I found on Houzz. Im a huge Houzz addict and love to refer to it for inspiration! I LOVE the illustrations in this article and thought I'd pass it along!  It quickly describes the "Must Haves for an Instantly Rustic Home."  It is so important in the business of design to learn and relearn all of the new trends! Rustic touches are HUGE right now!  Like Ive told you before... Its all about the mix of styles. 

{  Quick tip from me: Find similar characteristics with two completely different items.  Maybe a contemporary headboard has black detailing that mimics the black in your traditional bedside lamps! Or the blue in your traditional kitchen dishes compares to the blue in your contemporary geometric rug!  }

To see the post, click HERE!