Dining Room Table!

I don't know if any of you remember reading about how I've been desperate for a new dining room table or not... but we found one!   

Story is:  I saw an awesome table at a boutique close by to us unfortunately it had a big S-O-L-D sign on it! :( I decided to ask the owner of the store if there was anyway she could get another one! I gave her my number, thinking it would be awhile until I heard back from her! ONE week later she called and let me know her dealer could get another! 

She called today to let me know it had arrived! I am so anxious to get it in the house! I'll post pics once its here! For now- here is a picture I took in the store! 

I can't want to combine the distressed look of this table with all the glitz in our house! 

A huge thanks to Amanda @ Dress&Dwell! 
Click HERE to see her Facebook page! 
It's SUCH an adorable shop...I wish that I could keep it a SECRET! ;)