Fall is here!

I am no longer pushing my wreath making business (obviously focusing on interior design) but I did want to share two with you that I recently made! Hopefully it will get you into the Fall spirit! As if you weren't already ready! :)

On another note, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite fall pillows I found on etsy! Love the understated approach!

 Fall Thanksgiving Decorative Pillow Cover Brown Flannel plaid reversible to ivory matelasse 20 x 20
My Favorite: { See Plaid Pillow Here }

One Pair 12" x 16" Handmade Leaf Pillow Covers
 Love { these } too!

Birch Trees Appliqued on Brown Burlap Pillow

spider web halloween pillow - canvas - spooky creepy halloween decoration

NEW - Designer Decorative Throw Pillow Cover - Lattice Print - Chocolate Brown and  Ivory - 18 Inches Square
My Style! { Lattice! } Pillow!

Enjoy your weekend!!!!