Old Ladder! Basement Project!

Have any of you seen on pinterest the old ladder used for blanket storage?  Garrett and I decided to give it a try! Living in an older house is a plus when it comes to repurposing old things! Its like we have a treasure chest in our basement... all kinds of old, random things.  This ladder was one of them! We wanted it to be distressed which made the project EASY!!! We quickly brushed it off, spray painted it and sanded it! We like the way it turned out and best of all...it was free! We bought NOTHING and it was literally a 30- minute project total! 

Also...Look at the mess we got ourselves in!! Garrett and I want to stay in our house as long as possible which  means we need a completely functional house and need to use every square foot! So this is the project we've started!  Its going to be awhile before it is finished! You cant eat an elephant in a day! :) 

The project includes:
Scrapping the walls to remove all the old paint and loose pieces, clean, waterproof it the best we can, clean again, repaint the walls, clean some more, paint the floors a cool pattern, remove the insulation in the ceiling and paint it, the list continues! 

During this project, I need to remember to tell my sweet, hard-working husband, I love him over and over again! Lets be honest, he does most of the work in this department and I just bring him bologna sandwiches!