Styling your Bookcases!

One of the hardest things people struggle with in design is styling bookcases! Its tricky! Theres such a fine line between full and cluttered! Here are a few quick tips to hopefully help you get your bookcases in shape!

First thing! If you have the option to paint, or wallpaper the book of the bookcase, do it! It is the easiest way to immediately change the look! Everything pops so much more when you have a bold color in the background! 
Starting with the top! If you have a bookcase and lots of ceiling space above, instead of arranging all kinds of different items, group a bunch or like items together! In an office or playroom, a grouping of all globes works better than one globe, 2 books, 5 frames, 3 vases... Got it? 

Now for Storage! Choose one type of basket or bin to use for CLOSED storage! Some things are pretty to keep out and display but some things you might want to hide! Keep it consistent! Instead of using 3 different baskets, pick one style and get several different sizes! This will help bring some ORDER to the bookcase! Baskets are also a great way to add some TEXTURE! 

When it comes to arranging all of your things! Think about FRONT to BACK!  Try putting taller things in the back and shorter things in the front.  Vary the heights!  Also mix things up! Do not put all picture frames, instead display a mixture of books, collectibles, DIY creations, vases, sit-abouts. Did I mention books?  Book are a wonderful way to bring color, typography, etc. Display some vertically and some horizontally.

Here are some of my favorite!!!